President's Letter

July 2022


Dear Friends:

As we, at United Savings Bank, celebrate 110 years of serving the Greater Philadelphia region, I would like to thank you, our loyal customers, for many years of support.

In our 100 plus years of existence, we have survived 4 major wars, the Great Depression, the Savings & Loan crisis, the Great Recession of 2008 and most recently the Covid Pandemic.

The last couple of years have been trying for all, but as so often happens during times of uncertainty, neighbors and friends stand united and look out for one another. We saw first-hand many acts of kindness and compassion from both our customers and staff, during those early days of the pandemic. Acts of kindness that serve as a reminder of why we are honored to serve this great community.

No matter the uncertainties, present and future, please know that our record of strength and safety will never change, which is why I am proud to say we continue to be a 5 Star rated institution year over year. A testament to our steadfast beliefs in slow, steady, growth. After all it is you, our depositors that will always come first.

As the big banks continue to merge and get bigger and forget who their customers really are, I invite you to experience the difference of a true community bank, United Savings Bank. We are stronger than ever and anxious to serve your ever increasing financial needs.

Very Truly Yours,

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John Nigrelli, Jr

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